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Have you heard about fintech ? It’s the future of finance - where our financial services are made faster, cheaper, and more accessible through the use of new technologies.

Over $24B has been invested in fintech since 2010; resulting in acquisitions exceeding $25B in 2015 alone . As expected, many people have taken notice. In fact, there are currently over 100,000 people on various social networks chattering about it now. We're sure you can guess, there’s a lot of .

A band is a group of people who share a common purpose. In this case, they teach fintech. We sorted through everyone to find the top 1% or upto 15 rockstars per social network . These are contributing to the global #fintechboom .

We would like to celebrate these helpful people by making them accessible in almost any network you hangout in . If you’re even more interested in learning from a particular rockstar, and based on interest, we’ll work to setup an AMA.

Fintech moves fast, don't miss out .

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